How does RallyUp pricing work?

How does RallyUp pricing work?

RallyUp uses what we call 'flexible pricing'. This allows our clients to decide which pricing model is the best fit for each campaign that they run. Since we work almost entirely with nonprofit organizations, these prices reflect the already discounted rate.

Generally, we recommend looking at your past fundraising to get an idea of where the bulk of your donations typically fall, and then deciding on a pricing model based on that information. Then you can decide if your supporters will have the fees added to their contributions or if you'd like to have them deducted from contributions so that your supporters don't ever see them.

Here's how a few different contributions would break down on both models to give you an idea:

Donation Amount


$ 10.00


$ 50.00


$ 100.00


Credit Card Processing





 Stripe (2.9%+$0.30):

$ 0.59


$ 1.75


$ 3.20


RallyUp Options:







$ 0.50

$ 2.50


$ 5.00


3% + $1

$ 1.30


$ 2.50

$ 4.00



So, for a raffle with tickets priced at $5.00 each, the 5% model would be more affordable, but for an auction on which most contributions will be more than $100, the 3% + $1 is a better fit.

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