Can I change my pricing?

How to change your campaign pricing

If your campaign has already started, you can change your pricing model until you receive your first contribution. After your first contribution has been processed, the pricing model you’ve selected (5% or 3% +$1.00) becomes fixed.

However, you can change the structure of your pricing model at any time. Any adjustment to your pricing structure will take effect immediately and will affect your future contributions.

Watch this short video to see how it’s done:

Change my pricing


Or, follow these simple steps:

1. Log into your RallyUp account and click the megaphone on the left to access your campaigns.

2. Click the title of your campaign, and select Edit Campaign* from the menu.

3. Navigate to the Options > Donations* section, scroll down, and update your pricing as needed.

4. Use the Previous buttons at the bottom to save your work and update your page.

*Note that this terminology may be different according to what you’ve set for your campaign.


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