How do I add variations to my sale items?

Adding variations of your sale items (like size, color, and style)

When you’re running a sale campaign, you may want to offer your supporters the option to choose between different variations of an item, like size, color, and/or style. It’s easy to add different variations of your sale items.

Watch this short video to see how it’s done:

Create Item Variations

Or, follow these simple steps:

1.      Log into your RallyUp account and click the megaphone on the left to access your campaigns.

2.      Click your campaign’s title and select Edit Campaign* from the menu.

3.      Navigate to the sale section of setup, and open one of your items by clicking Edit.

4.      Under More Options, check the “This item comes in different variations” box.

5.      You’ll first enter the titles of your variations, like Size, Color, and Style.

6.      Then, in the provided fields, you’ll enter the values for those variations, like Small and Medium or Blue and Red, etc.

If you want to enter specific quantities of any given variation, like 5 Small Red Adult shirts, use the Manage Inventory feature to limit quantities.


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