Organizer wants to post the names of our raffle winners. How do we do that?

RallyUp doesn’t post this information automatically, because each organization has different needs and plans for winners.

The most common way that our clients post their winners publicly is to use the Updates tab on their campaign page.  When you post an update on your page, we’ll automatically email your supporters to invite them to the page to view what you had to say. 

Watch this short video to see how it's done:

Post Raffle Winners

Here’s how you do that:

1.      Log into your RallyUp account and click the megaphone on the left.

2.      Click the campaign’s title, and select Manage Updates from the menu.

3.      Click Add Update over to the right, and create your update.

4.      Click “Save” to post your update and automatically notify your supporters.


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