Which campaign type fits my needs?

How to determine which campaign type best fits your fundraiser

RallyUp has a number of different campaign types, and each has a different set of options and functions.

We recommend selecting your campaign type based on the types of contributions you’d like to receive:

·        General and recurring donations: Crowdfunding

·        Per-unit contributions (per-mile, per-lap, per-anything!): Pledge

·        Paid registrations, tickets, or payment for participation: Event

·        Enter into a drawing to win a prize: Sweepstakes or Raffle

·        Bid on items: Auction

·        Purchase specific items: Sale

·        Rally a group of people and/or organizations around a certain cause: Movement

·        Unify several campaigns under one longer-term primary campaign: Project

If you’re still unsure which campaign option is the best fit for you, feel free to get in touch with one of our Fundraising Advisors at support@rallyup.com! We’ll be happy to make suggestions and recommendations based on your specific plans and needs.


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