How do I get the funds I've raised?

You can withdraw the funds that you’ve raised at any time during your campaign, and it won’t affect the total amount raised that shows on your campaign page.

**Please note that the only person that will have access to this functionality is the person that created the campaign (the organizer). Campaign Administrators and Team Managers do not have the necessary privileges to withdraw funds.

* If you’re running a fundraiser that benefits a 501c (tax exempt) organization that has been approved for RallyUp payment processing, your fund request will be processed through RallyUp Account Management. 

* If you linked a Stripe account with our system when you created your fundraiser, funds are processed and held in the Stripe account that you created.

Here's a video that shows how to withdraw funds that were processed by RallyUp:

Withdraw Campaign Funds

1. To request funds from RallyUp, after logging in to your RallyUp Account, click the megaphone icon on the left hand side of the screen, and click the title of the campaign you'd like to work with to access the menu.

2. Then select “Withdraw Campaign Funds” from the Campaign Management menu.  If your organization is using its own Stripe account to process payments, this menu option will not display for you.

3. After selecting “Withdraw Funds”, you will be directed to the form used to request your funds.  Our system will show you the full amount of funds that can be withdrawn.  If you don’t want to withdraw the full amount, simply indicate the amount that you would like to withdraw in the box, and click “Withdraw”.

Funds can be released via paper check or direct deposit.

Fund requests typically take about 24 hours to process.  During that time, the status will show as “Processing”.  When the request has been fully processed, the status will change to read "Paid".

This means that the payment request has left our system and has been transmitted to the bank.  The funds will then be delivered by either paper check by postal mail or through direct deposit, depending on the preferences indicated by the organization’s administrator.  Funds are typically received in 3-5 business days. 

 * Please note that per our terms of service, 10% of the amount raised must remain in your escrowed account for 60 days.  This is to cover any credit card disputes that may come in after the bulk of your campaign funds have been released.  The balance will release automatically at the end of 60 days.

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