Can I use your service in a country other than the U.S.? Like Canada or Australia?

Yes! While RallyUp can be used internationally, there are a couple of things that international users should be aware of before getting started:

  1. RallyUp payment processing is only available to US-based organizations, so your organization will be required to have a Stripe account to process payments for each fundraiser you run.
  2. Since RallyUp is a US company, your transactions will be processed in USD. Stripe (our integrated payment processor) will convert the funds to your local currency when they deposit them into your bank. Stripe isn't available in all areas, so we  recommend checking to see if it's available for you by visiting
  3. If you are outside of the US and considering running a raffle campaign, it's important to check into the laws and regulations that govern raffles in your country. If a permit or license is required, we'll need a copy of your completed documentation before we can approve your fundraiser.

If your organization is outside of the US and you need assistance getting started, our Fundraising Advisors are happy to help! Contact us at


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