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  1. Can I add members before my campaign is published?

  2. Can I change my campaign link?

  3. Can I change my pricing?

  4. Can I increase the number of raffle tickets available?

  5. Can I un-publish my campaign?

  6. Can I use your service in a country other than the U.S.? Like Canada or Australia?

  7. Changes to a started campaign

  8. Do I have to create a RallyUp account to give?  

  9. Do I need to be present to win a raffle that I've entered?

  10. Email Campaign Supporters

  11. Enter Contributions Received Outside of My Page

  12. Enter Physical Raffle Tickets

  13. Enter Team Results (Campaign Administrator)

  14. Find Duplicate Receipt

  15. How do I add an administrator to my campaign?

  16. How do I add variations to my sale items?

  17. How do I cancel my campaign?

  18. How do I change my event dates?

  19. How do I change my raffle dates?

  20. How do I create my inventory?

  21. How do I delete my campaign?

  22. How do I edit a goal for one of my members?

  23. How do I edit my goal?

  24. How do I edit my pledge?

  25. How do I end my raffle?

  26. How do I find a supporter's receipt?

  27. How do I find my unique sharing link?

  28. How do I get the funds I've raised?

  29. How do I issue a refund?

  30. How do I preview the registration process?

  31. How do I print online raffle ticket numbers?

  32. How do I request a refund?

  33. How do I share my campaign?

  34. How do I upload our logo for Meet the Organization?

  35. How do I view my winners?

  36. How do pledge campaigns work?

  37. How do the funds I raise reach the organization?

  38. How does RallyUp pricing work?

  39. How much does it cost to use RallyUp?

  40. I can't find my campaign

  41. I made a Donation, but accidentally applied it to the Wrong person. How do I change that?

  42. I'm drawing my winner outside of RallyUp. How do I wrap things up?

  43. Import a list of Team Members

  44. Is RallyUp secure?

  45. List of People Who Contributed

  46. My campaign has ended. Can you reopen it?

  47. View Event Attendees

  48. View Winners

  49. We want to post the names of our raffle winners. How do we do that?

  50. What does the asterisk next to a contribution mean?

  51. Which campaign type fits my needs?

  52. Why can't I change anything in campaign setup?

  53. Why do you need my payment information now?

  54. Why was my card declined?

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